10 Steps to Running a Successful Golf Tournament Raffle $$$


A raffle is a great way to raise money for a nonprofit charity, organization or sports team. Raffles can be both fun and profitable. During the course of a raffle event, tickets are sold at a set price. Ticket holders have an opportunity to win one or more prizes. Running a golf tournament raffle is an easy task that can generate financial reward for the nonprofit recipient.


Ten Steps


Determine the cause that will benefit from the raffle. The proceeds of a raffle MUST go to a nonprofit group, such as an animal shelter, youth sports team or cancer awareness organization.


Consult your state and federal laws. Coordinating a raffle contest for personal or business profit is a form of a “lottery,” so make sure you are in compliance with all laws before running your own raffle

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. Tournaments held on government property must follow special rules.


Give yourself at least THREE months to plan your raffle. Put together a team of people to help you organize the event, and delegate tasks to each individual, such as printing and selling tickets, creating and distributing tournament fliers, and soliciting prizes from donors. Set a fundraising goal by estimating how many tickets you will sell, and calculate the potential proceeds for your non-profit group.


Find prizes for your raffle drawing. Giving cash or purchased prizes can take away from a potential contest profit; therefore, solicit donated items for your raffle. Ask local businesses (such as spas, grocery stores, tire centers and restaurants) to give gift certificates. Ask friends to donate their professional services (such as home, pool or carpet cleaning). Get a variety of desirable prize that can be your selling “hook,” such as free golf rounds, a set of golf clubs, a trip.


Advertise your raffle in conjunction with your tournament collateral and consider doing a “Pick Your Prize” Raffle instead of “Blind Draw”. With the Pick your Prize format players will have a chance to choose which prizes they would like to try to win with their tickets by placing their tickets in a container that is assigned to each prize.  This is a great incentive for people to participate when they know they have a greater chance of winning a prize they actually want!  Post fliers in places that will attract attention. Send out emails to your friends and family to promote your raffle.


Make or purchase raffle tickets. Include a number and a perforated edge that splits the ticket into two parts (one for the purchaser and one for the raffle basket) on each ticket. Each part should have space for the purchaser’s contact information and the raffle drawing information.


Sell your raffle tickets for an appropriate price. Depending on the value of your prizes, determine a fair ticket fee. Oftentimes, raffle tickets sell for $1 or $2. However, for high-value prizes (such as a boat), sell your raffle tickets for $10 or more.  Consider giving players a discounted price for buying a larger quantity of tickets.


Keep the raffle ticket money in a safe place. Have a specific envelope, bank account or lock box for all moneys received from ticket purchasers. Keep organized records of the amounts donated.


Complete the raffle contest with a drawing once the ticket sales have closed. Most contest drawings are done in front of an audience but to save time you can pull the tickets and post the winners before the conclusion of the event. Maintain excellent records to contact the winners, and distribute their prizes promptly.


Donate all raffle proceeds to your designated charity. Mail or hand over a check to your nonprofit group and be sure to send all prize donors a personalized thank you.